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we democratize the mobile subscription business

Subscription model is the way to create a sustainable positive impact on both developers and society. And we are on a mission to democratize it for app developers across the globe.

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Test & grow in new markets without spending a dime
Explore new channels without a marketing team
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Generate insights without digging into big data
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Master your acquisition funnel without any expert guidance
How? Glad you asked!
How? Glad you asked!

Our Solutions

We are mad about apps and
passionate about the subscription

Use our tools & services to crack the subs business



madduck publishing is a partnership program that takes care of all the legwork from marketing to pricing to grow your app profitably, including the required financing to do so.


madduck insights is a self service platform that provides actionable insights to maximize your profits by sifting through your data with our custom built algorithms.

We live & breathe subscription based apps.

If you believe your app can do much better in the hands of marketing professionals, submit your app and see if we can build a partnership to grow together.
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We poured all our expertise in madduck insights.

If you generate more than $5.000/m, link your AppStore data under a minute and get actionable insights under an hour.
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Check out our Developer’s Guide to Subscription Business to see all our expertise distilled in a booklet: $19.99 @Amazon, free here for a limited time!
Make sure to get your guide

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