Update your pricing for underperforming currencies madduckuser 26/09/2022

Update your pricing for underperforming currencies

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Apple doesn’t want you to pick any price point you want: it loves order and clean numbers. As a result all AppStore pricing is based on price tiers that Apple determines. This is why you have 0.99$ then 1.99$ and so on… you will not be able to price your app at $1.50.
The same goes for other currencies as well, Apple determines tiers in local currencies which also simplify the global pricing process knowing that there are more than 150 countries where AppStore operates. Apple uses price tiers to manage pricing as explained here and here.
If a currency loses value against the dollar, Apple doesn’t automatically upgrades the local pricing which can result in decreased revenue in the concerned country. This phenomenon is quite difficult to track but madduck insights does it automatically and shows which countries are impacted by it. ALl you have to do is to update the pricing.