Install to Activation (ItA) madduckuser 26/09/2022

Install to Activation (ItA)

Install to activation ıtA

Install to Activation (ItA) ratio is the percentage of people who take an activation on your app paywall compared to the ones who installed it. An activation can be represented by either a direct subscription or an introductory offer (please see our ItS article for more about Introductory Offers). 

ItA is one of the main components of ItS (Install to Subscriber ratio) and can be quite a useful metric to point out specific problems in your app.  

A low ItA means that even though users downloaded and most probably launched your app, they were not convinced to pay for it (or didn’t discover they needed to).

By following the customer journey we can easily point out three main actions to be taken to improve your ItA ratio.

Most users launch apps as soon as they are downloaded and even this first step of launching your app is critical. Longer than usual launch times can result in users leaving the app and never returning so the first thing to check is to make sure your app launches quickly.

Then comes the journey until the paywall which includes the UI & UX of your app and how you accompany the user towards your paywall. These “onboarding pages” must explain your app in a clear and concise way and everything the user will get from it. This is basically the sales pitch of your app. 

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The paywall layout and design is where the user decides to take an action towards subscription or not. The fonts, the visuals, the wording, everything counts on a paywall. This is why there are so many services out there that enable developers to test paywalls and use the most successful ones. 

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The other component of the paywall is the pricing and package types (whether there is an introductory offer or not among others). Apple offers several pricing types from weekly to yearly periods with different price points and with / without introductory offers. It is extremely critical to optimize your price points and package types to find the sweet spot between revenue per user and user acquisition.

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