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Mad since 2018
Since launching in 2018 in Istanbul, we are mad about apps and the potential they create.

We believe that the subscription model is the way to create a sustainable positive impact on both developers & society in general and are on a mission to democratize it for all app developers across the globe.

Who let the Ducks out!
Founded by two entrepreneurs, working passionately in the mobile business for more than 10 years, madduck is a 100% people centric organization for both employees and the app developers around the globe.

We are driven by speed but guided with caution.

Speed became one of the most important success factors in the information age. Honed with lean methodologies & agile, speed can become a very potent weapon and can make or break a business. However the quest for speed can also morph into a problem if it becomes the only criteria.

This is why we are always trying to balance our quest for speed with a pinch of caution. When trying new things we always make sure to identify the underlying hypothesis and what we expect to accomplish with this venture. The question “Why?” is paramount before starting any task.
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We believe in a hands-on approach but avoid micro-management

To grow solid decision making muscles across the company, we expect our people to ask relevant questions to be able to act in the best interest of madduck.

We trust our leadership team to coach and guide instead of managing their team’s tasks. This requires them to be highly informed of their team’s work and stepping in to set context whenever required.

We are our people…

We believe that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” and this is why we are trying to build a culture where people can be their best selves and feel that they belong.

We encourage initiative taking, curiosity and openness. Responsibility would be our main keyword: we give our people room to grow and improve themselves

... and our people are unique.