Case Studies madduckuser 17/10/2022


We doubled Storico's LTV in just 30 days

Marketed by madduck Publishing Team, Storico is an app that transforms the concept of post-editing into a fun and creative experience. madduck Publishing Team helped Storico implement a series of changes, including keyword optimization, and analyzing the trending keywords and major competitors in the market. After conducting the data-oriented marketing approach by our professional team, madduck Publishing Team helped Storico double its LTV from $9.23 to $18.00 in just 30 days.


Teleprompter's Conversion Rate increased x7

madduck publishing ran several campaigns across multiple platforms to find the most relevant one for this niche app for influencers. Leveraging the AppStore Custom Product Page features and in-house paywall technology, we were able to break through in two major metrics: Install to Subscriber ratio (ItS) and Conversion Rate both increased by x7 within a month


AppVault’s refund rate was cut by half

Madduck Publishing conducted a carefully monitored keyword optimization strategy and suggested several improvements in the product onboarding process. As a result: Install to Action (ItA) increased by x3, Conversion rate increased more than x4.5 The refund rate was cut by half