ASO 101: Your Comprehensive Guide to Optimizing Your App’s Presence and Dominating the App Store Rankings

Your Comprehensive Guide to Optimizing Your App’s Presence and Dominating the App Store Rankings

App Store Optimization (ASO), commonly referred to as App Store ranking & visibility, is one of the most crucial mobile app marketing mechanisms. The number of downloaded mobile apps has increased too much, yet app sales are still quite low. ASO certainly helps your business grow, but there are a lot of assumptions about it. The largest of these is that all app developers need to pay for an ASO service like ads. We’ll go over the fundamentals of ASO in this post and highlight some tricks you may use for your application on production.

App Store Optimization (ASO): What Is It and How to Relate?

The practice of enhancing visibility of your app and raising conversions in Google Play and Apple’s App Store is known such as “App Store Optimization” (ASO).  There are additional options for downloading apps such as Samsung Galaxy Store, Amazon App Store, and Huawei App Gallery.

Optimizing for these app stores involves optimizing the application’s name, title, icon, screenshots, and rating first of all.

How do I Simply Improve App Store Optimization?

Optimization for app stores includes every element your app has on its product page. From your app’s titlekeywords, and description to screenshotsicons, and visuals, there are rules and upgrades you can apply to create each part of the product page of your app accordingly.

App Icon: The app icon of your app should reflect your app’s branding, character, and what your users are looking for. 

The App Store display of the YouTube app, showcasing app's image, title and subtitle.

 App Screenshots: The app screenshots should be also reflective, and related and should look professional in terms of design, as well as content. The texts you’re using in this section should be in accordance with the visuals. Also, screenshots should be convincing, encourage users to take action to install and subscribe and reflect what your app is about in the best way. You can also gain more conversions by adding a promotional video here. 

App Store Screenshots of the YouTube Music app

App Description: The length of this section is 4000 characters in both the App Store and Play Store. From beginning to end, your content should be qualified in three ways:

  • Branding
  • Interpretation
  • Keywords 

The description of your app should maintain the branding, character, and general style your app has in its logo, title, icon, and screenshots. You should choose the appropriate tone and speak to your customers in an engaging way that will be relevant to them. In terms of interpretation, users should understand clearly what kind of service they’re offering, the trial time, and the subscription information. Users should not be confused by the content, and everything they need to know should be clearly revealed here. Your app description should also have a keyword strategy depending on the app store your app is in. Google Play Store and App Store have different keyword strategies and optimization.

Downloads: Google Play and App Store rank apps based on the number of times they’ve been downloaded. Also, keep in mind that the current download number is important as well as the overall download number. App stores rank your app higher if the installation circle keeps repeating an app.

Ratings & Reviews: Since rating affects conversions, and conversions affect app rankings; ratings and reviews are important for your optimization efforts even in an indirect way. So make sure you reply to your reviews, listen to advice, recommendation, and complaints your users share, and engage with them as much as possible.

The app URL of your mobile app, and also the keyword field (you can see this section in the App Store Connect profile of your app) should also be optimized. Both places will affect your app’s ranking, so it’s important to choose related and strong keywords and create an App URL that reflects your app.

A work desk setting with a coffee cup, notebook, pen, a laptop and a mobile phone.

How Does ASO Work?

ASO is the process of making apps rank higher in an app store’s search results (such as the App Store or Windows Store) and granting visibility. The higher your app ranks in an app store’s search results, the more visible it is to potential customers. That increased visibility tends to translate into more traffic to your app’s page in the app store. For example, if you use keywords with high search volume and opportunity scores, your app has a high chance of becoming more visible in the search results.

Why App Store Optimization Is Important?

If you optimize your app effectively, you can reach more users, installs, and subscriptions (if all of these stages are created accordingly) and make your app more visible. Optimizing your app is key for reaching your users, being discovered organically, and gaining more results from your advertising efforts. If your product is half done, not interpreted in a good way, and doesn’t look good on its product page, it’s very hard to attract users and convince them to use and download your app. From beginning to end, each stage supports the others on your way to success.

How Do I Optimize Keywords In The App Store?

Keywords on the App Store have search volumes and opportunity values. You can start searching the keywords by using tools like App Annie and AppTweak and make your selection accordingly. Also, keyword values are different for Android apps and iOS apps.

What Are App Store Optimization Tools?

A robust data flow is what makes the mobile app industry tick. Having up-to-date analytical information allows you to rank your apps high and connect them with users. Some of the useful information available is provided by App Annie, Sensor Tower, Apptopia, AppsFlyer, App Tweak. They offer different services, as well as top new apps and information on how they got to the top. But during this stage, a professional view and working with an expert will help you reflect your data in a much better way. And you will be able to create the most relevant and successful content, visuals, and advertisements.

In conclusion, we highly encourage mobile app developers to conduct ASO for their mobile apps. While ASO can be time-consuming and requires expertise, it is necessary for the success of your app. These strategies can help you get started with this process in a cost-effective manner.