How mScanner become the #1 Scanner app in US


Background: mScanner is a mobile app that allows users to scan and sign any kind of documents with ease, and share them instantly via their preferred communication app. With top features like cloud sync, OCR, multiple signature and text adding, barcode and QR code scanning, and more, users can scan, convert, sign and send documents from anywhere in the world.

Our Goals:
  • Become one of the best Scanner apps Globally
  • Maintain positive Return on Investment (ROI) and sustain profitability
  • Redefined Google Ads Google UAC and ASA campaigns
  • Redefined Keyword Optimization studies
  • Continuous A/B Testings
The Result:
  • Become No.1 app organically in US
  • A user base that completes 5 periods within the app
  • Sustain the steady growth 20% per month
Image of the mScanner app on a phone, highlighting its scanning capabilities.