First Time Downloads

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This is the number of unique users that download your app, excluding the downloads from the same users’ different devices.

It is very critical to have the right metrics to base4 your decisions on and download numbers present a challenge in that regard. In the App world, users can download the same app several times. This can happen in several ways but there are two major instances where this occurs. 

  • The user specifically downloads the same app several times, on one or several devices
  • The user has automatic downloads activated on all devices and therefore all apps are   downloaded automatically to different devices.

In both cases, each separate download counts as one. Knowing that a user shares any subscription across devices, this case can skew your ItS numbers. This is where  First-Time Downloads come into play: this number counts all the downloads of a unique user as one even if (s)he downloads several times and/or to several devices. For all ratio calculations this is the number to take into account and our Install numbers represent First-Time Downloads.

Please also note that all Install / Download figures that you will get from your marketing channels such as Google, Facebook etc will be total downloads.