Luna madduckuser 11/05/2023

How Luna’s LTV increased by 1.5x within 1.5 months

New Subscribers
Creatives Produced

Background: Luna is a mobile app that allows users to create unique digital art using AI-powered tools. With a wide range of AI models and painting styles to choose from, users can create interactive paintings and Avatars in seconds by simply entering a text prompt. Luna is perfect for anyone looking to unleash their creativity and improve their artistic drawing. Users can also use Luna to create wallpapers, artwork for birthday presents, or impressive design solutions for their projects. 

Our Goals:
  • Become one of the best AI Art Generator apps in US first, then the Globe
  • Become profitable and maintain positive ROI
  • Redefined Keyword Optimization
  • Redefined product features
  • Changing the pricing strategy
The Result:
In less than a month the pricing changes that we have implemented brought 1.5x better LTV. On the product side the suggestions that we made, multiplied  the number of new subscribers 13x.
Luna phone image