Install to Activation (ItA) Ratio: Enhancing Your App’s Success

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Understanding Install to Activation (ItA) Ratio

Install to Activation (ItA) Ratio represents the proportion of users who activate your app paywall versus those who just installed it. A direct subscription or an introductory offer can both symbolize an activation (for additional information on introductory offers, please refer to our ItS article).

One of the key elements of Install to Subscriber (ItS) Ratio is ItA, which can be a very helpful measure to identify particular issues with your app.

A low ItA indicates that consumers did not feel compelled to pay for your software (or were unaware that they needed to) despite having downloaded and most likely activated it.

By tracing the client experience, we can quickly identify three key steps that should be made to raise your ItA ratio.

Steps to Improve Install to Activation Ratio

The majority of consumers open apps right away after downloading them, and even this initial step is crucial. The first thing to ensure is that your app loads promptly. If it takes longer than usual, consumers may leave the app and never come back.

Next is the journey to the paywall, which covers your app’s UI and UX as well as how you guide users there. These “onboarding pages” ought to provide a clear and succinct explanation of your program and all the benefits it offers the user. This essentially serves as your app’s sales presentation.

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The user makes the decision to subscribe or not based on the layout and style of the paywall. Everything counts on a paywall: the words, the images, and the fonts. This is the reason why there are a ton of services available that let developers test and utilize the paywalls that work best.

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Optimizing Pricing and Package Options

The pricing and package options (including whether or not there is an introductory deal) make up the other part of the paywall. From weekly to annual periods, Apple offers a variety of pricing options with varying price points and with or without introductory discounts. To strike the ideal balance between income per user and customer acquisition, it is imperative that you optimize your price points and package options.

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